SHOP local, support PROS

As a demographic PROS and their clients are valued members of every community. We are patrons of the arts, we support local businesses, and we put things in our MOUTHS, MINDS, EYES, EARS, and BAGS. Professional companions and their supporters have a unique power, we are a wide cross-section of humanity. They are the people in your neighborhood, diverse in ethnicity, religion, economic standing political stance, quite simply we come from every walk of life, because sexuality affects all adults, in every part of our lives.

The PROS community wants to normalize that we are a valued part of every society, beyond our collective power to influence consumers’ habits we hold a variety of skill sets on our tool belts. Branding, marketing, social media prowless, simply put PROS know how to do it.


Our demographic is affluent, we love to spoil ourselves and our companions, we know the struggles of being entrepreneurs, and we understand the importance of supporting the local economy. We ask local professional companions and entertainers to tell us their favorite businesses, products, and things they lust to consume. PROS.BUZZ then follows up with these local businesses to identify which ones are #SWSAFE (sex worker safe) and support our community. We offer businesses a red umbrella sticker to show our community of PROS and patrons where they can shop, eat, and be entertained ethically. For the business wishing to be advertised as #SWSAFE we get to work, telling everyone in our community about how great your business is.

Did you know PROS already promote local businesses and brands? Pictures on our social media, pillow talk with our patrons, and gift wish lists are some of the ways we promote local business and support to shop local.



PROS BUZZ is a unique advertising agency owned and run by the sex worker community. We provide sex workers with free business classes, and mentoring internships while fostering future careers. Paid job offers are made to interns who wish to continue to benefit from our decades of experience, skill sets, and ongoing education. It is our goal to foster a community of shared knowledge and support, for those who are taking a break, exiting sex work, or looking for an additional income source.

While supporting and promoting neighbourhood businesses, creating jobs, and teaching skill sets to PROS – we are also leveraging our networking acumen to educate and destigmatize that #sexworkiswork and that we are all valued members of our economic communities.