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Artemis Whiskey Bar

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#PROSYYJ : Victoria BC, Canada : YYJ EATS

Are you looking for a new and exciting location to have fantasy cocktails? Artemis Whiskey Bar welcomes you aboard, get ready to take flight.

Phone: NA


Instagram: whiskeyatartemis


Address:  560 Johnson St #27

Dine-in ·

SEX WORKER FRIENDLY: PROS had the best #cocktail @ Artemis Whiskey Bar after the Peers Victoria Gala and found another #swSAFE location with their bartender Mack.

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Upon arrival, there is a trivia element, which made for slight confusion, laughter, and appreciation for their unique spin on welcoming guests to their establishment. We later had a great topic of conversation with another guest sitting at the cocktail bar, as we all shared our collective arrival experience. We won’t ruin the surprise but expect to be using your mind a little when you arrive.

Once we passed the test, the friendly host welcomed us in and offered us an introduction to this beautifully decorated space and offered options of sitting in the whiskey bar section, or the cocktail bar section. We were on the hunt for cocktails and were offered a comfy table with a chaise lounge, which would make for a wonderful hidden space for dates looking to have some light PDA when out on the town. We changed our minds and decided to sit at the bar, so we could be front and center for the fantasy creations that would be ordered.

Our bartender Mack reminded us instantly of Weird Al Yankovic – and we had to ask… how often are you told THAT? It seems more often he receives compliments on his curly locks, and we had to accept that maybe mr. Yankovic is not as well known amongst the younger crowd (oh but he should be). Friendly, intelligent, and skilled with the craft of delicious concoctions – we instantly felt comfortable, engaged with, and even got to put some new PROS facts in our minds. Our drink creations were entertaining to watch being made, including fire, and a combination of elements that created what seemed to be a custom cocktail made just for our desires. We were asked, Sweet, Sour, Salty, Smoky – and provided with just what we asked for within those boundaries.

When the topic of stigmatization of the PROS community and an introduction to our own unique twist of finding the best places to visit in the PROS YYJ zone, Mack was more than willing to be tagged on our socials as an SW Safe bartender, as well accepted our red umbrella sticker to help bring awareness to the upcoming DEC.17th International day to end violence against PROS


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