JR Slims nachos in Victoria
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#PROSYYJ : Victoria BC, Canada : YYJ EATS

PROS love JR Slims in Victoria BC and here is why… 1) Not only did they know what a Harvey Wallbanger was, they had Galliano on stock! If they can make our favorite obscure 70s drink, they probably can make whatever you want to say #putitinmyMOUTH to. 2) We loved the nachos, if we are going to say it nicely – they have a nostalgic vibe, or… as the owner says they are a nod to the 711 nachos… you know that 2 am bar just closed staple of the out-and-about PRO. The best thing about their nachos, they are cheesy right down to the last bite – there is nothing worse than a dry nacho if you get what we mean. 3) They are supportive of ALL the members of our community and showed it by putting up a Red Umbrella sticker as a sign of solidarity to end violence against all working professionals. Read our JR SLIMS GOOGLE REVIEW

BONUS POINTS: They also won our hearts with an offer to make a safe space for the local community after our yearly December 17th red umbrella march in Victoria BC. Thanks, JR slims, you are PROS in the YYJ, scroll below for more info.

Phone: (250) 483-3814

Website: jrslims.ca

Instagram: jrslims

Facebook: wearejrslims

Address: 1245 Wharf St, Victoria, BC

Dine-in · Takeout · Delivery

~ December 17th @ 3:30 ~
Happy hour food and drink pricing
A red umbrella cocktail special ( a redvelvet shaft)
A red umbrella mocktail special




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