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#PROSYYJ Victoria,BC Canada SHOP YYJ

PROS love finding new to us trinkets and treasures. If you are an ethical shopper, consignment stores like Rich Rags in Victoria BC is the place to shop. Celebrating almost 30years in business we know being a self employed woman is hard, but owners like this paved the way for us to do so.

SUPPORT PROS: They are supportive of ALL the members of our community and showed it by putting up a Red Umbrella sticker as a sign of solidarity to end violence against all working professionals.

Phone: (250) 389-6789

Instagram: richragsclothing

Facebook: richragsvictoria

Address: 911 Yates St #144, Victoria, BC



PROS, Advertising, Media, Digital tools - Want to be a PROS supporter? We want to connect! As demographic PROS and their clients are valued members of the community. We are patrons of the arts, support local businesses, and put things in our MOUTHS, MINDS, EYES, EARS, and BAGS. We also have knowledge and stories to share, and we often see things from different points of view. Professional companions and their supporters have a unique power, we are a wide cross-section of humanity. We come from every walk of life, religion, age, and class. The PROS community wants to normalize that we are a valued part of every society.
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