You will receive one 3.5inch / 3.5 inch circular vinyl sticker of a Red Umbrella.  This symbol represents the international day-to-end violence against sex workers.

By showcasing this sticker on your business, you will invite members of our community into your space with a special nod to show your support.

Included in our sticker pack is an information sheet on what you and your business can do to be an ally to the PROS community.

400 in stock (can be backordered)

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As a demographic PROS and their clients are valued members of every community.

We are patrons of the arts, we support local businesses, and put things in our MOUTHS, MINDS, EYES, EARS, and BAGS.

Professional companions and their supporters have a unique power, we are a wide cross-section of humanity.

They are the people in your neighborhood, diverse in ethnicity, religion, economic standing political stance,

quite simply we come from every walk of life, because sexuality affects every person, at all parts of their adult life.

#workiswork regardless of the job, we all selling ourselves and our services as members of a consumer-based community.


Does your business want to be on the right side of human rights and support the PROS community?

Do you want to learn more about how you and your business can be an ally to the stigmatized, ostracized, and discriminated?

PROS are mental health and well-being front-line workers, with a loyal and supportive patron base who are also robbed of their own freedoms and liberties.

Learn more about their stories at PROS.NEWS learn from their knowledge base at PROS.WIKI

If you want to support the PROS demographic, by showcasing a Red Umbrella sticker, we would love to connect.

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