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#putitinmyMIND : PROSWATCH

Efforts to establish a safe brothel for sex workers are examined in this 52min documentary filmed in Victoria, BC. It follows PROS founder ms.Harvi and Jody Paterson as they endeavor to build a support system for local sex workers wishing to work inside.

HARVI WALLBANGER: A cunning linguist, fiercely loyal, driven, and with the good fortune to know LOADS of PROS. Passionate about love, laughter, art, music & putting things in her mouth. Head madam, meme slut & local doer of things. Co-Founder of the PROS community, blogger, activist, and in-the-trenches policy reformer. Working hard to inspire, support, and create destigmatization of sex workers in communities across Canada.

JODY PATTERSON: A diverse award-winning Canadian writer currently based in Victoria, BC. Former director of Peers Victoria, a multi-service grassroots agency that was established by, with, and for sex workers in 1995. Featured in 2009’s The Brothel Project, Jody has traveled the world connecting with, supporting, and relaying sex workers’ and their patrons’ stories to the general public. Read the Interview with Jody about the filming of this documentary.

It wasn’t all for nothing, mind you. Over the course of the shooting I met a very interesting young woman who owns an escort agency here in town, and I help her out where I can in building a better workplace. She gives me hope that positive change is possible even within a criminalized system.

Life as a human
The Brothel Project



PROS, Advertising, Media, Digital tools - Want to be a PROS supporter? We want to connect! As demographic PROS and their clients are valued members of the community. We are patrons of the arts, support local businesses, and put things in our MOUTHS, MINDS, EYES, EARS, and BAGS. We also have knowledge and stories to share, and we often see things from different points of view. Professional companions and their supporters have a unique power, we are a wide cross-section of humanity. We come from every walk of life, religion, age, and class. The PROS community wants to normalize that we are a valued part of every society.
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